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"My time spent at AVNA Global Learning Center was one of the most enriching times of my life. AVNA has one of the most experienced staff that understands the work place and the ever-changing market-place. The biggest sell was the school’s customer service and Human resources instructor. He brought over forty years of experience that helps contextualize his classes. The course itself was helped immensely by his prior time as head of several HR departments from colleges to hospitals. The school is further complimented by an optional Microsoft Excel class. The instructors are very understanding of students who are disabled, employed, or underemployed. Students are encouraged to work with the staff in order to obtain optimal support. The door and phone lines are always opened. Don’t hesitate to contact AVNA if you are in need of training. The instructors are here ready and willing to work with all students to help them further their goals."
Carlos R
CS Specialist
"The main factor that makes AVNA stand out from other consulting services is their ability to assist each of clients to their specific needs. The team genuinely wants to help and are more than welcome to inform and meet with satisfactory results. They instill confidence in their services."
Rosemarie F
Microsoft Certified
"The community and staff here are exactly what I was looking for. In my last 2 years with AVNA, I have learnt so much from a perspective of corporate work ethic to fast paced admin work. This is an excellent place to start your career, may it be training in one of the 30+ courses they teach or if you are looking for an employment opportunity in the IT industry or HR-Customer Service related."
Maria B
Program Coordinator
"This is a professional trade school that combines the resources of a rich background in student development with dedicated teachers from both academia and the professional world to provide students with the best preparation and opportunities for positive career placement and advancement. Students universally have given the school top grades in their successes and accomplishments through their experience at AVNA Global."
Dennis H
HR Specialist

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